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Cuts Like a Knife - Part 3

Graded 1986-87 Fleer is like the reserve currency of the basketball card collecting world.  Of the 9,000 listings sold in eBay around 4,000 of them were in PSA slabs.  BGS and SGC accounted for around another 1,000 total.  Graded 1986-87 Fleer is one of the most liquid card assets a collector can have.  Over 30 years after release it is still in high demand, especially if the card is considered to be in outstanding condition.  A sample of the 24 most expensive graded card listings from pwcc_auctions over the last 3 months brought in a total of over $240,000.  There is a lot of money changing hands for some very popular cards.

Cuts Like a Knife - Part 2

I can’t say that I had paid too much attention to the details of Prizm cards. I suspect most often the most desirable cards quickly go from pack to penny sleeve without being given a second thought. But, the exercise of measuring the cards gave me a reason to pause and really look at the cards. Upon closer examination, I noticed something substantially different between the serial numbered color Prizms and the base cards.

Cuts Like a Knife - Part 1

Lately, there have been a lot of conversations about sports card scams.  Some scams involve counterfeits.  Others involve shill bidding.  Then there is pack searching and resealing.  No doubt, all of these things happen.  By association, it can give many the impression that all collectors are dirtbags.  I know that not to be true.  Hang in there good guys.  But, there is another scammer activity that has me interested, card trimming.  In my opinion, it could be the single hardest scam to detect.  To compound matters, it arguably presents the largest potential financial gain to the scammer as well.