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Cuts Like a Knife - Part 2

I can’t say that I had paid too much attention to the details of Prizm cards. I suspect most often the most desirable cards quickly go from pack to penny sleeve without being given a second thought. But, the exercise of measuring the cards gave me a reason to pause and really look at the cards. Upon closer examination, I noticed something substantially different between the serial numbered color Prizms and the base cards.

2018-19 Virtual Prizm Basketball

Come one, come all! Here’s your chance to open a virtual box of 2018-19 Prizm Hobby Basketball. You won’t actually receive any cards but the simulation is based upon data from actual box breaks and will simulate the Prizms you might have received if you had actually opened a box. Enjoy!

2018-19 Prizm Basketball FOTL Analysis

It’s become a rite of passage for collectors of sports cards. The unnecessary difficulty of trying to order FOTL products on release. The latest exercise in frustration comes to us in the form of 2018-19 Prizm Basketball. It’s not so much that everyone builds a set of Prizm cards on day 1, or ever for that matter. It’s really that we want to open a box and turn around and sell what we bought as quickly as possible.